How to Start T Shirts Printing Business – Earn 50k per Month from Tshirt Printing

How to Start T Shirts Printing Business | T-shirt Printing Business Plan | T Shirts Printing Business Plan

In today’s time, any person wants to wear the best design t-shirt. At this time, many clothing companies have dominated the market by selling only printed stylish T-shirts. You can also earn a good profit by selling T-shirts of different colors and new designs. Here the subject of this business is being told in detail.

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How to Start T Shirts Printing Business

You will not need to buy much stuff to do T-shirt printing business. You can also start this business at very low cost and earn a good profit

To do T-shirt printing business, you will need basic things such as a machine that you buy from the market and a seat to print and something like that. The specific details about it are being given by us below.

Raw Material for tshirt Printing Business

The materials needed to start this business, its price and how to buy are being shown.

  • Teflon sheet
  • Sublimation Tape
  • Sublimation Printer
  • Ink
  • T Shirts

T Shirts Printing Business Machinary

15 by 15 printing machine. T-shirts of all sizes and t-shirts of all types of fabrics like polyester, polycotton, nylon, silk etc. can be printed with this machine.

Price: The cost of T-shirt printing machine is around Rs.12000.

If you want a better quality machine, the price of the machine may increase.

Where to buy: To buy it visit the following :

  • Online
  • Offline

T Shirts Printing Process

The T-shirt process is very simple, for this, pay attention to the following things.

  • First of all, turn on the 15 by 15 T-shirt printing machine with electricity.
  • After this its temperature has to be set. After this, printed on the sublimation printing paper, place the design on the T-shirt and stick it with the sublimation tape.
  • After this put this T-shirt inside the machine on the telcan sheet.
  • After this you turn off the machine and set the timing of 70 seconds.
  • After 70 seconds the design gets printed on the T-shirt.
  • In this way, the T-shirt gets printed in your hands.

T Shirts Printing Time Consuming

Within 2 minutes, 1 T-shirt becomes ready to wear in your hand. The special thing about this print is that it never comes out of the cloth.

Suitable Place for T Shirts Printing Business

Very little space like a room is required for this business. For this reason, you can start it from home also.

Cost or Investment for T Shirts Printing Business

The total cost to start this business comes to around Rs 42,000. T-shirt printing machine, Teflon sheet, sublimation tape, sublimation paper print, printer, ink, t-shirt will all come in this money.

Income or Profit in T Shirts Printing Business

In this business, a T-shirt costing a total of Rs.110 by printing it on a T-shirt worth Rs.90. The T-shirt which can be sold in the market for 200 to 220 rupees.

T Shirts Printing Business Packing Process

After the T-shirt is ready, you have to pay attention to its packaging. For this you can prepare your own packets. On this packet, you can print the size of the T-shirt, its color and if you want, the design of the inside can also be printed. Apart from this, pictures of big Bollywood superstars can also be used to make the design attractive.

T Shirts Printing Business Marketing Statagy

This business is completely dependent on the design. Therefore, the more new and attractive designs you bring in the market, the more your brand will sell. For this, you can specifically hire a designer, who will make you new designs or you can also buy ready made designs.

Once you know about the design, then you can easily create a design with the help of Adobe Photoshop or other similar program. After this, you can open your own store and sell your designed T-shirts. Apart from this, you can also sell your T-shirt at other readymade shops of the city, but if you sell your made T-shirt from your store then you will get more profit in it.

Apart from all this, you can also sell your designed T-shirt on the e-commerce website. You can earn profits by selling T-shirts by talking with Flipkart, Amazon, Snap Deals, Myntra etc. If you want, you can also sell T-shirts by creating your own website in the name of your brand.


You can start this business on a larger scale, for which you can put t-shirts on Amazon, Flipkart and other online shopping apps. A lot of income will come from this too.

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