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How to Start Electronics Shop Business- If you are also looking for a big business, then today we are present with another new and big business idea. Today we are talking about electronics shop business (Electronics ka business kaise kare), know how to open your own electronic shop. Electronic product is the second largest industry after oil imported in India. And the demand of electronic items is increasing day by day.

Electronic item is one such segment which is needed by people from middle class to high class. Because it is common for every middle class family to have at least one item like TV, freeze, mix machine, mobile phone etc. Therefore, more employment opportunities are also being created in the related field.

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How to Start Electronics Shop Business

Before starting this business, you need to have sufficient knowledge about this business. Because electronic shop is a big business, the cost of starting which is also in lakhs. That’s why it is very important that before you start this business, you have enough knowledge about it. You can get this information by staying in an electronic showroom for a few days or from someone close to you who is associated with this.

10+ Electronic Store Ideas

It is very important to know your mission and vision. That is, you have to know your goal, what you are going to do, what is your complete business plan, what is your budget, how far you want to take your business. Before starting this business, prepare a complete plan for things like who will be your target customers etc.

Choose a good location for the showroom

After having enough information and complete business plan for electronic shop business, you need to have the right location for your shop or showroom. Having the right location means that your shop or showroom should be in a good and big market where people come and go more for shopping.

Because most of the customers turn towards a big market or a big shop for electronic items. That’s why you should pay special attention to the fact that your shop or showroom should be at the right place. To open an electronic shop, you need more space because electronic items like products like freeze, washing machine, micro wave, etc. take more space.

So to store these things you will need less than 1000 square feet of work, which should be well done with decoration and furnishing work. Because for this business it is very important to have an attractive look of the shop or showroom.

Legal Documents and Licenses

There are some legal procedures to open an electronic shop. Some documents are required, after giving which you will get a license and you will also get a register number for your shop, only after which your shop can start running smoothly. To make these documents, you have to go to the government department and complete the related process.

Collect good electronic goods at the shop

Nowadays you must have also seen in the markets that what is seen is sold, so you also need to keep some such electronic items at your shop that attract people to you and people come to your shop to buy those items. . Along with this, you can also keep many such attractive and tempting items so that people come to your shop early to pick them up.

Target festivals and celebrations

You must have also seen many times that on festivals like Holi, Deepawali, Rakshabandhan etc., there is a huge discount on electronic goods in the market, then this discount is also given by the same shops which have opened big showrooms.

Similarly, you can also attract many customers through these festivals and events. For this, you can sell a lot in your shop during the festive season and make profit.

Electronic Shop Business ideas

Before starting any type of business, you have to follow some initial steps, through which your business can also reach heights, then these steps are mentioned below.

  • A good name for the shop
  • Select the company you want to open PVT or LLP
  • Register for GST
  • Register to open a shop
  • Get ISO License
  • Get a building permit if you have your own land get a trade license get msme license
  • Get BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) license
  • Open current account If you want to take a franchise of a company, then complete its paper process.

Total Cost

Talking about the cost to start an electronic shop, rent + security money depends on the area. Well the rent can be up to 20,000 in a good city. Computer, counter, decoration, furniture work, electric work, etc. can come up to 1 lakh.

Electricity connection + electricity bill 10,000 per month, 2 staff per 10,000 per month 20,000 per month, cost of taking goods up to 10 lakhs. Miscellaneous 10 thousand. 10 thousand on advertising. In this way the total cost can come up to 12 lakhs.

Income or Profit

You can get a lot of profit in this business because these electronic goods are available at a low rate and you can sell them at a higher rate as well. As you must be aware that in big markets like Delhi, the cost of electronic goods is very low and if you buy from there and sell them in your area, then you can make a very good profit.


In this article, we have told you in detail about how to do electricity business and how to start electricity shop. If you want to start this business online then you can choose amazon or other related websites . know anything else then do comment us.

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