What is CHAT GPT? How it works & how to earn money from Chat GPT ?

In this article we share all details about how to earn money from Chat GPT and what is CHAT GPT and all related things about Chat GPT.

There was a time when people were far behind in terms of technology, but today’s technology has increased so much that it is not impossible for people to think about anything. In today’s era everything is becoming possible, one by one robot, one by one AI (Artificial Intelligence) is coming.

In today’s era, a name CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) is spreading very fast, because it is making a lot of impact. Many people say that it will end the job, many people are saying that it will stop Google, so friends in today’s post we will know what is CHAT GPT, it How does it work, and how can it help us?

What is Chat GPT?

CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) stands for G for Generative P for Pre-Trained T for Transformer. That is, this is a method in which the generated (creator) is a pre-trained machine model, which understands the text, it works on an open AI, in simple language, it is a chat bot.

On which you can find answers to your questions, if you are thinking that it is like Google, then it is wrong, just like you talk to a person on WhatsApp, you can get answers to your questions on it. Like: – You will write on it that “What is Blogging?

So on this you will get all the information related to it. But it is currently available only in English language, in this you can get information in English language.

History of Chat GPT

CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) was started in 2015 by two people, Sam Altman and Elon Musk. Then it was not profitable. For some reason Elon Musk had to leave it in the middle. After some time Microsoft invested in it and it was brought as Prototype on November 30, 2022. According to the report of Open AI, it had reached 10 million users in just 1 week.

What is CHAT GPT

How to Work – CHAT GPT ?

CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) is a pre-trained model, in which the data is fed, and it presents the answers to your questions in a smooth form. If you search in it, that Make a trip for Manali then it will show you your daily routine in correct sequence day wise. As a human does.

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It is not a human being who tells everything by himself, it prepares results from the data present inside it. Which has the data of 2021 in it, the way of decorating the data in the right order and presenting it in front of the people, leaves Google behind.

Advantages of Chat GPT

Friends, whenever you use any tools, you also want to know about its benefits, so let’s know about the benefits of CHAT GPT (Chat GPT).

  • With the help of CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) you can get any information very easily and in the right order.
  • It is absolutely free now, from which you can learn many things.
  • In this, you will not get many answers like Google, gives you a perfect answer. This will save you a lot of time.
  • With its help, you can also do big coding.
  • This is Next Generation Tool .

Disadvantages of Chat GPT

Friends, every coin has two sides, so far we have come to know about the advantages of CHAT GPT (Chat GPT).

  • It is also has some disadvantages, so let’s know about it.
  • Whatever data is with CHAT GPT (Chat GPT), it is old, so you will not get any current data in it.
  • For example, who is the Prime Minister of UK right now, it is not known.
  • It has limited data, accordingly it guides you. It is being found that you cannot solve many math problems in it.
  • CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) is currently in testing mode, so it’s free for now, but in the future you may have to pay to use it.

Which functions are possible with CHAT GPT?

Friends, many people have this question, what work can we do with CHAT GPT (Chat GPT), so let me tell you, whatever information you want to get in this, you can take it smoothly. , like you have to plan a trip, write a letter, learn a recipe, need some coding, ……..etc. You are getting a lot of features in this, if you use it yourself then you will enjoy even more.

How to earn money from CHAT GPT

Friends, when CHAT GPT (Chat GPT) has come, then why don’t we earn money by using it, then let’s know, some ways by which you can earn money by using it. Friends, if you give a tour package, then you can give trip planning for people in a very short time, and you can earn money from it.

If you have a blogger, then you can write your content from it, and you can earn money by modifying it. If you are a youtuber, then you can write the script of the video from it. If you are a teacher, you can earn lot of money from it.

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